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Our Work


Leadership Development
We deeply develop grassroots and community leaders to build their own power and step into public leadership through base-building power organizations. This is accomplished via political education, transformative reflection, and development of concrete public skills.

Organizer Training
Organizing is a demanding profession. Our trainings support and cultivate effective, creative, and relational organizers with the core set of skills necessary to build a broad-based constituency, develop leadership plans, and execute successful campaigns. We also work closely with senior organizers and project directors to build their capacity for supervision, training, and organizational development.


Coaching & Mentorship
Our team boasts decades of successful organizing experience at local, state, and national levels. We work with selected aligned organizations to support the continued development of their staff and program.

Strategic Alignment
Our goal is to build the training capacity of multiple state-based power organizations. We support selected aligned organizations seeking to invest in the organizations and organizing culture of their own state.

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